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The Race: The proven work-life balance method to run multiple tracks. 


By Guillermo Ramírez Sneberger and Cambridge Business Association Latin American Team 

“Even though success means different things to different people, everyone runs after it one way or another. However, only those who know how to apply their unique training method are the ones who remain happy in the long run, investing their time accordingly, inviting luck to happen in their favor.”

We all run a race that is not taught at schools and rarely within our families, where it is usually a trial and error process that may lead few people where they want to go while most struggle daily to figure it out, it´s called life. How are you running yours?

 About the book

After hundreds of interviews worldwide, multiple one-on-one coaching sessions, and a three-year study researching and analyzing many textbooks in different fields of knowledge, the author and his team came up with a training program for achieving a balanced life. To do so, all the principles presented in this book have been tested and proven successfully in over 80 percent of the cases, with around a thousand people around the globe, before the book was published, in order to make sure that they apply to most despite their uniqueness and individuality.

After reading this book you will discover that:

  • You do not have to be N° 1 to be successful. 
  • Luck is irrelevant when mastering a tailored-made self.
  • Achieving an integral balanced life is just the execution of a strategy.
  • There are three major races we all run in life which impact most of our balance.
  • There is a simple method for obtaining multiple predictable results on a regular basis.

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The Race: The proven work-life balance method to run multiple tracks.  

The book will be available on March 8th in University of Cambridge Alumni Book shelf.  



Real World: Practical strategies for founders.  

The book will be available on July 5th in University of Cambridge Alumni Book shelf.  



The Man Who Tamed Crowds  

This is a real study told as a story, filled with practical lessons learned by a frustrated Harvard PhD who was unsatisfied knowing that many of the theories that have been written on leadership are quite hard to apply in reality, which are basically presumed under controlled environments and with every resource available at hand, so he decided to travel the world in search for the right answers until his investigations led him to a rather small developing country, located in “The ring of fire” of the Pacific Ocean, where he met the man who pacified the crowds during one of the biggest earthquakes of modern times.

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