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Are you looking for new business opportunities?, Expanding your company worldwide? or Connecting with investors/managers/entrepreneurs at a personal level in a space of trust (Chatham House Rules)?


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  Consulting  | Education | Networking | Investing   

 Our mission is to develop and foster meaningful business activities throughout the world, benefiting entrepreneurs, investors and managers, supporting the creation and transfer of business knowledge.


Our purpose is to create real world impact by improving the quality of the decision making process of business leaders, who manage high performing, multicultural and diverse teams.  


> Origins   

During November 2019, after nearly 2 years of deep preparation, CJBS would celebrate its first Latin American Business Summit (LABS) in Santiago, Chile. A 7-day event, 47+ well-known speakers from multiple fields, 300+ attendees worldwide from 8 nations and 9 countries officially represented by their Embassies


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Managers | Investors | Entrepreneurs 


Each month we are pleased to welcome a new group of people from different backgrounds, cultures and industries, who add real value to the discussions thanks to their personal experiences. 

With the CBA Latin America roots bedded firmly at Cambridge Judge Business School, there is no better place to gain the Cambridge experience and knowledge than through Cambridge Judge Executive Education.

Cambridge is a business cluster hard to find in the world. CBA is its bridge to investors, managers and entrepreneurs.

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